Revolutionizing Efficiency and Productivity: Unleashing the Power of the Xerox AltaLink B8055/HXF2 A3 55ppm Mono MFP Laser Printer

In today’s fast-paced business world, having a reliable and efficient office printer is essential. Enter the , a powerhouse machine that promises to revolutionize your printing experience. With its impressive speed, high-quality output, and advanced features, this multifunction printer (MFP) is designed to meet the demanding needs of modern businesses. In this article, we will delve into the key features and benefits of the Xerox AltaLink B8055/HXF2, explore its cutting-edge technology, and discuss how it can streamline your workflow and boost productivity. Whether you’re a small business owner or part of a large enterprise, this printer is sure to impress with its versatility and performance. So, let’s dive in and discover why the Xerox AltaLink B8055/HXF2 is a game-changer in the world of office printing.

Key Takeaways:

1. Versatile and Efficient: The Xerox AltaLink B8055/HXF2 is a powerful multifunction printer that offers high-speed printing, copying, scanning, and faxing capabilities, making it an ideal choice for busy office environments.

2. Impressive Print Speeds: With a printing speed of 55 pages per minute, this laser printer ensures quick and efficient completion of large print jobs, saving valuable time for users.

3. Enhanced Security Features: The AltaLink B8055/HXF2 comes equipped with advanced security features, including secure print and encrypted hard drive, ensuring that sensitive documents are protected from unauthorized access.

4. User-Friendly Interface: The printer features a large, intuitive touchscreen interface that simplifies navigation and allows users to access various functions effortlessly. Its customizable home screen makes it easy to personalize settings for individual preferences.

5. Integration with Cloud Services: The AltaLink B8055/HXF2 supports seamless integration with popular cloud services such as Google Drive and Dropbox, enabling users to print or scan documents directly from these platforms, enhancing productivity and convenience.

Overall, the stands out for its versatility, speed, security, user-friendly interface, and integration with cloud services. These features make it a reliable and efficient solution for businesses seeking a high-performance multifunction printer.

Controversial Aspects of the

1. Cost of Ownership

The is a high-end multifunction printer designed for large offices and businesses. While it offers impressive features and capabilities, one controversial aspect is its cost of ownership.

The initial purchase price of the AltaLink B8055/HXF2 is considerably higher compared to other printers in its class. Additionally, the ongoing expenses, such as maintenance, toner replacement, and paper costs, can add up significantly over time. This can be a concern for small to medium-sized businesses with limited budgets.

However, it is important to note that the AltaLink B8055/HXF2 offers advanced features and high-quality printing, which can lead to increased productivity and efficiency. The printer’s durability and reliability also contribute to its long-term value. Therefore, while the cost of ownership may be higher upfront, it can be justified by the printer’s performance and longevity.

2. Complexity of Setup and Operation

Another controversial aspect of the is its complexity in terms of setup and operation. This printer is designed for professional use, and its extensive range of features can be overwhelming for users who are not tech-savvy or familiar with multifunction printers.

Setting up the AltaLink B8055/HXF2 requires technical expertise, and the configuration process can be time-consuming. Additionally, the printer’s user interface may not be intuitive for everyone, leading to a learning curve for new users. This can be a drawback for businesses that rely on quick and easy access to printing, scanning, and copying functions.

On the other hand, the complexity of the AltaLink B8055/HXF2 can be seen as a positive aspect for businesses that require advanced features and customization options. Once users become familiar with the printer’s interface and functionalities, they can take full advantage of its capabilities, such as advanced document management and security features. Therefore, while the setup and operation may initially pose challenges, the printer’s advanced capabilities can outweigh these concerns.

3. Environmental Impact

The environmental impact of the is another controversial aspect that needs to be considered. As a laser printer, it consumes more energy compared to inkjet printers, which can contribute to higher electricity consumption and carbon emissions.

Furthermore, the AltaLink B8055/HXF2 uses toner cartridges, which are made of plastic and need to be replaced regularly. The disposal of these cartridges can contribute to plastic waste and environmental pollution. While Xerox has implemented recycling programs to address this issue, the overall impact on the environment cannot be ignored.

However, it is important to note that the AltaLink B8055/HXF2 is designed with energy-saving features, such as automatic sleep mode and low-power consumption during standby. These features help reduce its overall energy consumption and carbon footprint. Additionally, Xerox has made efforts to promote sustainability by using recycled materials in the manufacturing of their printers.

The xerox altalink b8055/hxf2 a3 55ppm mono mfp laser printer has some controversial aspects that need to be considered. the cost of ownership, complexity of setup and operation, and environmental impact are all valid concerns. however, it is important to weigh these aspects against the printer’s advanced features, durability, and long-term value. ultimately, the suitability of the altalink b8055/hxf2 will depend on the specific needs and priorities of each business or organization.

1. Overview of the

The Xerox AltaLink B8055/HXF2 is a high-performance multifunction printer (MFP) designed for large workgroups and businesses with demanding printing needs. With its impressive speed, advanced features, and exceptional print quality, this printer is a reliable solution for organizations seeking productivity and efficiency.

2. Powerful Performance and High-Speed Printing

The AltaLink B8055/HXF2 boasts an impressive printing speed of 55 pages per minute (ppm) for monochrome documents. This rapid printing capability allows businesses to increase their productivity and meet tight deadlines. Whether it’s large print jobs or quick one-page prints, this printer delivers exceptional performance.

3. Versatile Paper Handling and Large Paper Capacity

With its A3 paper size compatibility, the AltaLink B8055/HXF2 can handle a wide range of document sizes, including posters, brochures, and booklets. The printer comes with multiple paper trays, allowing users to load different paper types simultaneously. Additionally, it has a large paper capacity, reducing the need for frequent paper refills and ensuring uninterrupted printing.

4. Advanced Scanning and Document Management

The AltaLink B8055/HXF2 excels not only in printing but also in scanning and document management. It features a high-resolution scanner capable of capturing detailed images and text. The printer supports various scanning formats, including PDF, JPEG, and TIFF, providing flexibility for different document types. Moreover, it offers advanced document management features, such as OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and document indexing, making it easier to organize and retrieve scanned files.

5. Enhanced Security Features

Security is a top priority for businesses, and the AltaLink B8055/HXF2 addresses this concern with its robust security features. The printer includes built-in authentication methods, such as PIN codes and smart cards, ensuring that only authorized users can access sensitive documents. It also supports data encryption, secure printing, and secure network protocols, safeguarding confidential information from unauthorized access or interception.

6. Seamless Integration with Workflow Solutions

To streamline document workflows, the AltaLink B8055/HXF2 offers seamless integration with various workflow solutions. It supports popular document management systems, such as Microsoft SharePoint and Google Drive, enabling users to scan and store documents directly to these platforms. Additionally, the printer can integrate with third-party applications, allowing businesses to customize their printing workflows and automate repetitive tasks.

7. Cost Efficiency and Eco-Friendly Features

The AltaLink B8055/HXF2 is designed to be cost-efficient and environmentally friendly. It incorporates features like duplex printing, which reduces paper consumption by automatically printing on both sides of the page. The printer also includes energy-saving modes, such as sleep mode and automatic power-off, helping businesses reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint.

8. Remote Management and Monitoring

With the AltaLink B8055/HXF2, businesses can easily manage and monitor their printing environment remotely. The printer supports remote management tools, allowing IT administrators to configure settings, update firmware, and troubleshoot issues without physically being present at the device. This remote management capability simplifies the IT management process and improves overall efficiency.

9. Customer Case Studies

To provide real-world examples of the AltaLink B8055/HXF2’s capabilities, this section will present a few customer case studies. These case studies will highlight how different businesses have benefited from the printer’s speed, features, and reliability. From a law firm handling large document volumes to a marketing agency producing high-quality promotional materials, these case studies will demonstrate the printer’s versatility and effectiveness in various industries.

In conclusion, the is a powerful and versatile printing solution for businesses of all sizes. With its exceptional performance, advanced features, and robust security, this printer can meet the demanding needs of modern workplaces. From high-speed printing to seamless integration with workflows, the AltaLink B8055/HXF2 offers a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking efficiency, productivity, and cost savings.

The Birth of Xerox Corporation

In the early 20th century, the world was on the brink of a technological revolution. It was during this time that Chester Carlson, a patent attorney, had a revolutionary idea that would change the way we reproduce documents. In 1938, Carlson invented a process called electrophotography, which later became known as xerography.

The of Xerox Copiers

After several years of refining the technology, Carlson partnered with the Haloid Company (later renamed Xerox Corporation) to commercialize his invention. In 1959, the first commercial xerographic copier, the Xerox 914, was introduced to the market. This groundbreaking machine allowed users to make high-quality copies quickly and easily, revolutionizing the document reproduction industry.

The Evolution of Xerox Copiers

Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, Xerox continued to innovate and improve their copier technology. The company introduced new models with enhanced features such as automatic document feeders, collating capabilities, and reduction/enlargement options. These advancements made copying more efficient and convenient for users.

The Rise of Multifunction Printers

As technology progressed, the demand for more versatile office equipment grew. In the 1990s, Xerox responded to this demand by introducing multifunction printers (MFPs) that combined the functionality of copiers, printers, scanners, and fax machines into a single device. This integration allowed businesses to streamline their document management processes and reduce the need for multiple machines.


The is a testament to the ongoing evolution of Xerox’s copier technology. With its high-speed printing capabilities, advanced scanning features, and robust security options, this MFP is designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern businesses.

Key Features and Benefits

The AltaLink B8055/HXF2 offers a range of features that enhance productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Its fast printing speed of 55 pages per minute ensures that large print jobs are completed quickly, saving valuable time for employees. The MFP also supports various paper sizes and finishing options, allowing for versatile document creation.

In terms of scanning capabilities, the AltaLink B8055/HXF2 offers high-resolution scanning, optical character recognition (OCR), and advanced document routing options. These features enable users to digitize and organize documents more effectively, improving workflow and accessibility.

Security is a top priority for businesses, and the AltaLink B8055/HXF2 addresses this concern with built-in security features such as secure print, authentication, and data encryption. These measures protect sensitive information and ensure that only authorized individuals have access to confidential documents.

The Future of Xerox MFPs

As technology continues to advance, Xerox is likely to keep pace with the evolving needs of businesses. Future MFPs may incorporate artificial intelligence, cloud connectivity, and enhanced mobile printing capabilities to further improve productivity and collaboration in the digital age.

The xerox altalink b8055/hxf2 a3 55ppm mono mfp laser printer is a product of xerox’s long history of innovation and adaptation. from the early days of xerography to the multifunction printers of today, xerox has continuously pushed the boundaries of document reproduction technology. with its advanced features and capabilities, the altalink b8055/hxf2 represents the latest evolution in xerox’s commitment to providing efficient and reliable office equipment.

Print Speed and Resolution

The is a high-performance multifunction printer that offers impressive print speed and resolution capabilities. With a printing speed of 55 pages per minute (ppm), this printer is designed to handle large print volumes efficiently. Whether you need to print a single page or a large document, the AltaLink B8055/HXF2 can deliver your prints quickly and reliably.

In terms of resolution, this printer offers a maximum print resolution of 1200 x 2400 dots per inch (dpi). This high resolution ensures that your prints are sharp, clear, and highly detailed. Whether you are printing text documents or graphics, the AltaLink B8055/HXF2 can produce professional-quality prints that meet the highest standards.

Paper Handling and Capacity

The AltaLink B8055/HXF2 is designed to handle a wide range of paper sizes and types, making it suitable for various printing needs. It supports paper sizes up to A3 (11 x 17 inches) and can handle different paper weights, including plain paper, labels, envelopes, and cardstock.

This printer features multiple paper trays, allowing you to load different paper sizes or types simultaneously. The standard paper capacity is 3,140 sheets, which can be further expanded with optional paper trays. This large paper capacity minimizes the need for frequent paper replenishment, making it ideal for high-volume printing environments.

Multifunction Capabilities

The AltaLink B8055/HXF2 is not just a printer; it is a multifunction device that combines printing, copying, scanning, and faxing capabilities in one unit. This all-in-one functionality makes it a versatile solution for businesses that require multiple document processing capabilities.

The copying feature of this printer allows you to make high-quality copies of your documents quickly. It offers features such as automatic duplexing, collating, and resizing, making it easy to customize your copies according to your needs.

The scanning capability of the AltaLink B8055/HXF2 allows you to digitize your documents efficiently. It supports various scanning options, including scanning to email, network folders, USB devices, and cloud storage services. The scanner has an optical resolution of up to 600 x 600 dpi, ensuring that your scanned documents are clear and accurate.

For businesses that still rely on fax communication, this printer includes a built-in fax machine. It supports features such as fax forwarding, secure fax, and fax archiving, providing a comprehensive fax solution for your business needs.

Connectivity and Security

The AltaLink B8055/HXF2 offers a range of connectivity options to ensure seamless integration into your existing network infrastructure. It supports Ethernet and USB connections, allowing you to connect it directly to your computer or network. Additionally, it supports wireless connectivity, enabling convenient printing from mobile devices.

In terms of security, this printer is equipped with advanced features to protect your sensitive data. It includes secure print, which requires users to enter a PIN code to release their print jobs, preventing unauthorized access to confidential documents. It also supports secure scanning, faxing, and copying, ensuring that your sensitive information remains protected.

Furthermore, the AltaLink B8055/HXF2 is compatible with various network security protocols, including IPsec, SNMPv3, and HTTPS, providing a secure printing environment. It also supports user authentication, allowing you to control access to the printer and track usage by individual users or departments.

User-Friendly Interface and Workflow Optimization

The AltaLink B8055/HXF2 features a user-friendly interface that simplifies operation and enhances productivity. It has a large color touchscreen display, which provides intuitive navigation and access to various printer functions. The touchscreen interface allows users to easily select print options, preview documents, and access advanced settings.

To further streamline your workflow, this printer offers advanced workflow optimization features. It supports features such as automated document routing, which allows you to set up predefined workflows to streamline document processing. It also supports integration with document management systems, enabling seamless integration into your existing workflows.

In addition, the AltaLink B8055/HXF2 supports cloud-based printing, allowing users to print documents directly from popular cloud storage services such as Google Drive and Dropbox. This feature enhances flexibility and convenience, especially for mobile workers who may need to access and print documents on the go.

Overall, the offers impressive print speed, high resolution, versatile paper handling, multifunction capabilities, advanced connectivity and security features, user-friendly interface, and workflow optimization. Whether you need to print, copy, scan, or fax, this printer provides a reliable and efficient solution for your business needs.


1. What is the printing speed of the Xerox AltaLink B8055/HXF2?

The Xerox AltaLink B8055/HXF2 is a high-speed laser printer that can print up to 55 pages per minute (ppm). This makes it ideal for large offices or businesses with high printing demands.

2. What is the maximum paper size that this printer can handle?

The Xerox AltaLink B8055/HXF2 is designed to handle A3 size paper, which measures 11.7 x 16.5 inches. It can also handle smaller paper sizes such as A4, A5, and letter.

3. Does the printer support color printing?

No, the Xerox AltaLink B8055/HXF2 is a mono (black and white) printer. It is specifically designed for businesses that primarily require black and white printing.

4. Can I connect the printer to my computer or network?

Yes, the Xerox AltaLink B8055/HXF2 comes with built-in Ethernet and USB ports, allowing you to connect it to your computer or network. This enables easy printing and sharing of documents across multiple devices.

5. What is the maximum paper capacity of this printer?

The Xerox AltaLink B8055/HXF2 has a standard paper capacity of 4,700 sheets, which can be expanded to a maximum of 8,700 sheets with optional paper trays. This ensures that you can continuously print large volumes of documents without frequent paper reloading.

6. Does the printer support automatic duplex printing?

Yes, the Xerox AltaLink B8055/HXF2 supports automatic duplex printing, allowing you to print on both sides of the paper. This not only saves paper but also reduces printing time and costs.

7. Can I print from mobile devices?

Yes, the Xerox AltaLink B8055/HXF2 supports mobile printing. You can print directly from your smartphone or tablet using the Xerox Mobile Print app or other compatible mobile printing solutions.

8. Does the printer offer advanced security features?

Yes, the Xerox AltaLink B8055/HXF2 is equipped with advanced security features to protect your sensitive documents. It includes features such as secure print, user authentication, and data encryption to ensure that your information remains confidential.

9. What additional features does the printer offer?

The Xerox AltaLink B8055/HXF2 is a multifunction printer (MFP) that offers more than just printing capabilities. It also includes features such as scanning, copying, and faxing, making it a versatile all-in-one solution for your office needs.

10. Is the printer energy-efficient?

Yes, the Xerox AltaLink B8055/HXF2 is designed to be energy-efficient. It is ENERGY STAR certified, which means it meets strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. This helps reduce energy consumption and lowers your overall operating costs.

1. Streamline your document management

Utilize the advanced scanning capabilities

The Xerox AltaLink B8055/HXF2 offers powerful scanning features that can help you streamline your document management. Take advantage of its high-speed scanning capabilities to digitize your paper documents and easily store them electronically. This will not only save you physical storage space but also make it easier to search, retrieve, and share your documents.

Optimize OCR functionality

Make the most of the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) functionality of the AltaLink B8055/HXF2. OCR allows you to convert scanned documents into editable and searchable text, making it a breeze to find specific information within your documents.

2. Improve productivity with advanced printing features

Take advantage of fast printing speeds

With a printing speed of 55 pages per minute, the AltaLink B8055/HXF2 can significantly boost your productivity. Whether you need to print large documents or multiple copies, this laser printer can handle the job quickly and efficiently.

Utilize duplex printing

Save paper and reduce waste by utilizing the duplex printing feature. The AltaLink B8055/HXF2 can automatically print on both sides of the paper, helping you reduce your environmental footprint and cut down on paper costs.

Secure your print jobs

Protect sensitive information by using the secure print feature. This allows you to send print jobs to the printer and release them only when you are physically present, preventing unauthorized access to your documents.

3. Simplify workflow with customizable apps

Explore the Xerox App Gallery

The AltaLink B8055/HXF2 comes with a range of pre-installed apps and the ability to download additional apps from the Xerox App Gallery. These apps can help you simplify and automate repetitive tasks, such as converting documents to different formats, integrating with cloud storage services, or creating custom workflows.

Create custom workflows

Take advantage of the AltaLink B8055/HXF2’s ability to create custom workflows tailored to your specific needs. By automating repetitive tasks, you can save time and ensure consistency in your document processes.

4. Enhance collaboration and communication

Utilize the AltaLink B8055/HXF2’s mobile printing capabilities

Make use of the mobile printing capabilities of the AltaLink B8055/HXF2 to print documents directly from your smartphone or tablet. This feature allows you to easily share information with colleagues or clients, even when you are on the go.

Enable cloud connectivity

Connect the AltaLink B8055/HXF2 to your preferred cloud storage service, such as Google Drive or Dropbox, to seamlessly access and print documents stored in the cloud. This enables you to collaborate with others and access your files from anywhere, anytime.

5. Optimize energy efficiency

Enable power-saving features

Maximize energy efficiency by enabling the power-saving features of the AltaLink B8055/HXF2. These features include automatic sleep mode and wake-up timers, which help reduce power consumption when the printer is not in use.

Utilize the Earth Smart feature

Take advantage of Xerox’s Earth Smart feature, which allows you to customize various printer settings to reduce energy consumption and paper waste. By adjusting settings such as default duplex printing or toner-saving modes, you can contribute to a more sustainable environment.

6. Ensure data security

Implement user authentication

Protect your sensitive data by implementing user authentication on the AltaLink B8055/HXF2. This feature requires users to enter a unique PIN or swipe an ID card before accessing the printer’s functions, ensuring that only authorized individuals can use the device.

Secure your network connections

Enable secure network protocols, such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or IPsec, to encrypt data transmissions between your computer and the AltaLink B8055/HXF2. This helps prevent unauthorized access and ensures the confidentiality of your information.

7. Regularly update firmware and software

Stay up to date with the latest firmware

Regularly check for firmware updates provided by Xerox and keep your AltaLink B8055/HXF2 up to date. Firmware updates often include security patches and performance improvements, ensuring that your printer operates smoothly and securely.

Update printer drivers and software

Similarly, update your printer drivers and software to benefit from the latest features and enhancements. Xerox regularly releases updated drivers and software to optimize performance and compatibility with various operating systems.

8. Opt for managed print services

Consider managed print services

If you have a large printing environment or want to optimize your printing infrastructure, consider utilizing Xerox’s managed print services. These services can help you streamline your print operations, reduce costs, and improve document security.

Monitor usage and implement print policies

With managed print services, you can gain insights into your printing habits and implement print policies to minimize waste and control costs. By monitoring usage and setting print quotas, you can encourage responsible printing practices within your organization.

9. Utilize online resources and support

Access Xerox support resources

Take advantage of Xerox’s online support resources, such as user manuals, troubleshooting guides, and knowledge bases. These resources can help you troubleshoot common issues and make the most of your AltaLink B8055/HXF2.

Join user forums and communities

Engage with other AltaLink B8055/HXF2 users by joining online forums or communities. These platforms provide a space for sharing experiences, tips, and best practices, allowing you to learn from others and discover new ways to optimize your printer usage.

10. Regular maintenance and cleaning

Follow recommended maintenance procedures

To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your AltaLink B8055/HXF2, follow the recommended maintenance procedures outlined in the user manual. This may include cleaning the printer, replacing consumables, and scheduling regular maintenance checks.

Keep the printer area clean

Maintain a clean and dust-free environment around your printer to prevent debris from affecting its performance. Regularly wipe down the exterior surfaces and keep the paper trays free from dust and debris.

By following these practical tips, you can make the most of the and integrate its features seamlessly into your daily life. From improving document management to enhancing collaboration and ensuring data security, this powerful printer offers a range of capabilities to streamline your workflow and boost productivity.

Concept 1:

The may sound like a mouthful, but it’s essentially a high-quality printer that can do a lot of things. Let’s break it down into simpler terms.

What is a printer?

A printer is a machine that takes digital information from your computer or other devices and turns it into a physical copy on paper. It’s like having a photocopier at your fingertips.

What does A3 55ppm Mono mean?

When we talk about A3, we’re referring to a paper size. A3 is larger than the standard A4 size and is often used for printing posters, brochures, or other documents that need more space. So, this printer can handle larger paper sizes.

The 55ppm stands for “pages per minute.” It tells us how fast the printer can spit out pages. In this case, it can print up to 55 pages in just one minute. That’s pretty quick!

Mono means monochrome, which is another way of saying black and white. This printer doesn’t print in color, but it can produce high-quality black and white prints.

What is an MFP Laser Printer?

MFP stands for “multifunction printer.” It means that this printer is not just a printer, but it can also do other things. In the case of the AltaLink B8055/HXF2, it can also scan, copy, and fax documents. So, it’s like having a whole office machine in one device.

Laser printing is a technology used in many printers. It uses a laser beam to create an electrostatic image on a drum, which is then transferred onto paper using toner. This method produces sharp and precise prints.

Concept 2: Simplifying Connectivity

What is connectivity?

Connectivity refers to the ability of a device to connect to other devices or networks. In the case of the AltaLink B8055/HXF2, it has various connectivity options to make your life easier.

Wireless and mobile printing

With this printer, you can print wirelessly from your computer or mobile devices. It means you don’t need to physically connect your device to the printer with a cable. You can send your print jobs to the printer over your Wi-Fi network, making printing more convenient.

You can also print directly from your smartphone or tablet using mobile printing. Whether you’re at home or in the office, you can send documents to the printer without needing a computer.

Cloud printing

Cloud printing allows you to print documents from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. You can store your documents in the cloud (online storage) and access them from any device. Then, you can send the document to the printer, and it will be waiting for you when you get there.

This feature is especially handy if you’re on the go or need to print something urgently. You can access your files from your smartphone, send them to the printer, and have your prints ready by the time you arrive.

Security features

The AltaLink B8055/HXF2 also comes with security features to protect your sensitive information. It has encryption capabilities to ensure that your print jobs are secure and can’t be intercepted by unauthorized users.

Additionally, you can set up user authentication, which means that only authorized individuals can access the printer’s functions. This helps prevent unauthorized printing or copying of confidential documents.

Concept 3: User-Friendly Interface and Workflow

What is a user-friendly interface?

A user-friendly interface means that the printer is easy to use, even for people who are not tech-savvy. The AltaLink B8055/HXF2 has a touchscreen display that allows you to interact with the printer and access its features.

Customizable workflows

This printer allows you to customize your workflows to suit your needs. Workflows are sequences of steps that you follow to complete a task. For example, if you frequently scan documents and send them via email, you can create a workflow that automates this process.

By customizing your workflows, you can save time and effort. The printer remembers your preferences, so you don’t have to set them up every time you want to perform a specific task.

Integration with other systems

The AltaLink B8055/HXF2 can integrate with other systems, such as document management software or cloud storage platforms. This means that you can easily access your documents from these systems and print them directly from the printer.

For example, if your company uses a cloud storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox, you can connect the printer to your account. Then, you can browse your files on the printer’s display and select the ones you want to print.

This integration streamlines your workflow and eliminates the need to transfer files between devices or print from a computer.

The xerox altalink b8055/hxf2 a3 55ppm mono mfp laser printer is a versatile printer that can handle large paper sizes, print at high speeds, and perform multiple functions like scanning, copying, and faxing. it offers various connectivity options, including wireless and mobile printing, as well as cloud printing for added convenience. the printer also prioritizes security with encryption and user authentication features. its user-friendly interface, customizable workflows, and integration with other systems make it a valuable addition to any office setting.


The is a powerful and versatile machine that offers a wide range of features and capabilities. With its fast printing speed and high-quality output, it is a reliable choice for businesses that require large volumes of printing on a regular basis. The printer’s advanced security features ensure that sensitive documents are protected, while its user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and operate.

One of the standout features of the Xerox AltaLink B8055/HXF2 is its ability to handle a variety of media types and sizes, including A3 paper. This makes it suitable for businesses that need to print oversized documents or marketing materials. Additionally, the printer’s multifunction capabilities, such as scanning and copying, provide added convenience and efficiency.

Another key advantage of the Xerox AltaLink B8055/HXF2 is its connectivity options. With built-in Wi-Fi and mobile printing capabilities, users can easily print documents from their smartphones or tablets, even when they are not in the office. This enhances productivity and allows for seamless integration with modern workflows.

Overall, the is a reliable and efficient choice for businesses in need of a high-performance printing solution. Its speed, quality, and versatility make it a valuable asset in any office setting.