Printers (Leasing vs. Purchasing)

“Should I Purchase or Lease My Commercial Printer or Copier in South Florida?”

Which is right for you?

While both leasing and purchasing have their own advantages and disadvantages, every business should research which option is best for their particular needs. In South Florida, leasing a commercial printer and copier, or other office equipment, is the most popular option when compared to purchasing the equipment outright. However, just because it’s the more widely adopted choice, doesn’t mean that it makes the most sense for every business. Below, we’ve outlined some key reasons that highlight the benefits of leasing your office equipment, however, for a more in-depth audit on which option is best for your particular situation, you should schedule a consultation with our team of qualified professionals to help educate and guide you in making the best decision for their business.


Pros for Leasing Your Commercial Printer and Copier:

1.  Equipment obsolescence:  Leasing your commercial printer and copier equipment is a simple way to guarantee that you always have access to the newest technologies being offered.  While maintenance service agreements are standard for most providers, digital technology is constantly improving. Today’s models offer more efficient printing and copying that can help to reduce toner consumption, as well as provide a variety of high-tech features that aren’t available on older models. Reach out today and find out how easy it is to upgrade your current business printer or copier… even if you’re still under contract with your existing copier lease!

2.  Reduced up-front costs:  The fact is, purchasing a large piece of office equipment, such as a commercial printer and copier in South Florida can be expensive and cost-prohibitive for many smaller companies. Similar to leasing a home or automobile, leasing your high-cost office equipment gives the company an opportunity to reduce their initial investment and only pay for the time that they own that equipment.

3.  Fewer headaches:  When a company leases printers, there is no resale or disposal hassle. Leasing is also convenient because most equipment providers offer maintenance plans, which can be included in the lease itself or paid for separately. Companies with limited IT staff often choose to lease for maintenance purposes alone.

4.  Predictable monthly payments – Knowing exactly how much you’ll pay each month for the copier is helpful for budgeting purposes. When you enter a lease, you sign up to a fixed rate. This means the rate is fixed for the lifetime of the lease agreement. Even if lease and loan rates rise in the future, you are still paying the same rate you originally agreed to at the signing of your lease. If you’re excited about the idea of knowing your fixed monthly copier expenses, take a minute to complete our short pricing questionnaire and we will get back with you ASAP!

5.  Option to upgrade – When the lease term expires, you can trade-in your old copier for a newer model with better technology. Call us to find out how to upgrade your business copier while currently in a lease agreement!

6.  There is a clear advantage to leasing when it comes to the depreciating asset of a large machine (or several large machines for that matter). With a lease, the entire copier lease payment is deductible immediately and, since you don’t actually own the device, it is not a depreciating asset. When you purchase a copier, printer, MFP, or scanner, you have to capitalize the unit(s) as an asset and then depreciate them slowly over time according to the proper depreciation schedule. Call or contact us today to find out more about the economic advantages of leasing your next office printer or copier!

7.  Under a typical lease scenario, there is no need to record future lease payments as liabilities, meaning that your business doesn’t incur the additional liability of a very expensive machine (or series of machines). That will typically free up more available credit for use in expanding or maintaining your business.

8.  One thing that often gets overlooked with a lease vs. buy comparison is that you can often lease a much larger machine than you could afford to purchase outright. In many businesses that can lead to increased productivity, reduced downtime, and greater efficiencies and opportunities. Leasing offers you the potential to acquire the use of a machine that you would otherwise not be able to afford or integrate into your operations.

9.  Value Depreciation – Similar to the depreciation associated with other electronic devices, commercial printers and copiers lose most of their value in the first few years. Even a pricey, high-end printer with all the bells and whistles won’t retain much value when you try selling it at the end of its usefulness.

10.  Technological Obsolescence:  In the world of fast-changing technology, electronic devices, such as a commercial printer and copier, have a much shorter life span with regards to cost savings. The printer you purchase today will be obsolete in 3-5 years. While it may still print, the efficiencies and cost savings will pale in comparison to the newer models. By purchasing your printer outright, you will have invested a substantial amount of money, thus making it unlikely that you will replace the unit with a more cost-effective model. Keep in mind that, when printing large amounts of paper, cost per print can play a huge role in your budget. Why not request a quote and let our trained professionals give you some additional options?

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